Polyad Decision Sciences

AI For Complex Planning, Scheduling, And Logistical Problems

Highly complex planning, scheduling, and coordination problems lie at the heart of many mission-critical operations and have a substantial impact on both service quality and profitability. Examples include routing and scheduling of mobile on-demand services, scheduling professional sports leagues to balance home and away games for each team, and designing supply chain networks to balance competing concerns. We specialize in building AI solutions for these types of problems, empowering our customers to obtain optimal results with consistency and ease.

Polyad Decision Sciences

Intelligent Systems For Decision Support And Automation

We bring together expertise in data visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, simulation, natural language processing, software engineering, and cloud technologies to build intelligent systems for advanced decision support and automation. Our tailor-made tools and technologies can enable you to use data to explore scenarios, generate insights and hypotheses, make predictions and forecasts, evaluate the range of possible outcomes, identify the best courses of action, and automate recurring analyses or decisions. Our software-based tools are typically custom-developed for each client’s unique circumstances and can take many forms including interactive dashboards, cloud-based web or mobile platforms, chat bots, embedded software components, and others.

Polyad Decision Sciences

Business Analytics And Operations Consulting

We provide consulting services to organizations in diverse industries. Our consulting expertise focuses on the intersection of business analytics and operations. Some of our capabilities include the following:

Dynamic Pricing And Revenue Optimization

Dramatically increase revenues without increasing costs or altering operations through dynamic pricing and capacity allocation. We can help you harness the power of revenue management to supercharge your revenues.

Logistics And Supply Chain Management

We bring in-depth expertise in logistics & supply chain strategy and analytics. Some of our capabilities include distribution network design, supply chain mergers & acquisitions, inventory management, aggregate planning, demand forecasting, last mile delivery, and vehicle routing.

Data Science And Analytics

We can help you apply cutting-edge analytics and cognitive technologies to gain key business insights, make critical predictions, and automate or augment processes. We combine expertise in data science with business expertise in marketing, human resources, supply chain, and others to provide tailored solutions that make a real impact.

Scheduling And Matching

From scheduling employees to operating rooms to school bus routing and timetabling, we can help you tackle your hard planning and configuration problems. We also help government contractors, volunteer organizations, and others optimally match large multi-skilled workforces to multiple contracts or projects in the presence of complex constraints.

Analytics Strategy And Talent Management

We can help you develop a roadmap to acquire the right technological capabilities and personnel to transform your business and increase your competitive advantage. We can also help you hire the right people for your data science & analytics teams as well as provide training and upskilling for your current workforce.

Training And

Interested in helping your workforce develop new skill sets? We can provide training in data science, supply chain modeling & analytics, optimization & decision analytics, and applied artificial intelligence. Our training can be customized to meet your use cases.